Prime location office spaces, Finished, Core and shell, throughout New Cairo and New Capital


Dahab offers commercial spaces according to the client preferences
and location


Dahab introduce fully finished studios , Apartments and hotel apartments.


Dahab offers fully investment opportunities for its clients in Europe called “One Stop Shop”

Our Services


No matter what sort of business you may own, A commercial building is simply real estate property that is utilized for a business purpose.
Dahab Development offers commercial buildings that includes both direct  and indirect use, where the Owner can conduct business and  where the building asset itself is the business, according to its quality, finishing and location


Office spaces established to suit the working environment and make the staff more productive by mixing luxury and comfort designs in one place


Dahab Development provide a fully service residential Buildings, it includes fully finished ,high security and privacy level, with a very high quality

The building management

The building management in dahab development was designed in a distinctive way with high level of quality,management,security and well trained staff to give you all the possibilities you are looking for.


Dahab Development has the capability to create innovative solutions that are also models for the industry. The firm’s solutions keep sustainability always in mind, along with government regulations, environmental concerns and maintenance requirements

Interior Design

Interior Design & Decoration is more than Drawing & Pictures on paper, it is spaces you live in, Furniture we use, details that we deal with everyday. Through our well trained Team of Engineers, Designers, Workers & Technicians we assure quality according to highest standard & specifications.
It is the beginning of your new life, it opens doors and gives you the opportunity to experience a new and luxurious style, through the design you can live the reality and enjoy your new improved home even before you move in.

medical clincs

The greatest wealth is health and that’s why we care to develop large areas for the clinics, Equipped with the highest level to suit all needs.